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About the Designer

"I have the usual story, me going through my European mum's eclectic jewellery box and choosing the pieces I wanted to keep when I grew up.  Playing dress ups with myself and my pets with literally anything I could get my mittens on.  My fascination with jewels and adornments was ever present from a very young age.  

I have always loved creating so I was very lucky that Misuzi grew quite organically as my life changed and things became even more amazing with the chance meeting of my soul mate and arrival of my beautiful babies.   So, it was either a tattoo or a necklace with my first born's name- luckily I chose to make my first custom necklace.  Preferring a behind the scenes role, my days are spent dreaming about and creating new designs and seeking out anything and everything inspiring.

I'm so thrilled and excited that people around Australia and the world like my designs, and that I can capture precious moments and memories for others by making things with my hands.  That feels pretty magical."

- Suzy, Founder and Designer, MISUZI Jewellery