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Playing with different ways to style your jewellery can make you feel like you have a brand new collection. We’ve witnessed many trends come and go when it comes to accessories but one we love time after time is stacking! Pair your personalised jewellery with big bold pieces or compliment it with dainty chains and rings. We’ve put together all our insider tips on how to create the perfect stacked up style!


Consider where your pieces all sit or fall when you wear them. Think about how each will interact. Especially when it comes to stacking chains and necklaces, make sure you consider the length of each piece. If your pieces are too similar in length they won't have the space to shine on their own and will look off balanced. Spacing out your pieces also means you’re less likely to end up with a big tangle of changes too. Use shorter chokers to compliment longer chains. 

We recommend creating a balanced bracelet stack with our bold classic the Pamela Cuff complimented by our dainty, delicate, and detailed Maya Initial Bracelet.


The key to any good stack is to create contrast. Pair big, bright, and bold chunky pieces with your finder detailed delicate ones. This will keep your stack looking interesting and save you from being bogged down by too many big pieces. 

Our favourite contrasting pair has to be this adjustable Heavy Chain Choker with the long and fine Lariat Necklace.

Stack For Your Type

When it comes to rings you’ve got two options. Stack up, or stack across. This is a great way to compliment and flatter your hand shape too. For the long and slender fingers, stkc upwards. Make use of midi rings and basic classics that fit around your more feature, shaped pieces. For smaller hands and shorter fingers think more about creating your stack horizontally. With a good mix of bold and basics you can work a ring on every finger. 

We’ve got you covered with these Fine Rings that are ready for instant stacking!

Play With Pendants 

Mix in your plain chains with some playful pendants. Layering different pendants will make your stack pop and look complete. Combine different shapes, materials, colours, charms, and sizes. 

We love going all out on the pendants with the Capri Bar Charm necklace.

Break The Rules

Who says you have to dedicate yourself to one sort of jewellery. If you can rock everything from rose gold to silver, why shouldn't you! When creating your next stack don’t be shy, mix up your metals. Pair gold and rose gold, or bring your favourite silver and gold pieces together at last.

Our Alyce Cuff has the perfect mix of all your favourite metals in the one perfect piece!

Don’t Weigh Yourself Down

When stacking it’s important to remember that you can quickly start to feel weighed down by your jewels. When picking items opt for a majority of lightweight pieces so you can add twice as many. You should never feel uncomfortable in your jewellery so make sure you keep things light!

Our favourite light stacking pieces are the Keri double chain and the Indi!

Store Your Stack Safely

One thing you definitely don't want to do with your stack is sleep in it! Like any jewellery sleeping in it can damage it. When you’re rocking multiple necklaces to bed you’ll wake up with one of the most intricate tangles you’ve probably ever seen! Avoid nasty tangles and knots by removing all your chains each night. Store them in your favourite jewellery box, bag, or hang them up. This way they’ll stay in a better condition for longer!

Store your collection in one of our easy Travel Cases!

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