How Jewellery Can Heal

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Jewellery has been adored across the globe from ancient cultures up until this day. It is loved for its beauty but also its ability to protect and heal its wearer. In between our collection staples like the name necklace and hoop earrings, we love to layer up with jewellery that feels as good as it looks, inside and out. Here are some of our favourite metals, stones, and symbols that we wear to heal.


Gold is well loved for its ancient healing properties. Cultures across the globe have long adorned themselves with the precious metal as a symbol of wealth. Both in finance and health. Researchers have found that when gold is worn close to the skin properties of the metal can alleviate common ailments. Pain experienced from things like arthritis has been said to benefit from exposure to gold. Gold is also believed to boost one's immunity.


Silver is an antimicrobial material that has also been used for centuries to heal. Similarly to gold, exposure to silver is said to alleviate pain associated with wounds and infections. The antimicrobial nature of the metal also helps ward off infections in the body. This means the more silver you wear the less colds and flus you can expect to catch. Silver has also been proven to help regulate the temperature in the body. Helping your immune system stay balanced with regular temperatures and good circulation. 


Quartz is famous for it’s healing energy. The natural crystal is a powerful one. Quartz comes in many shapes, sizes, and colours. From rose quartz to bring love into your life and protect the heart, or smoky quartz to protect the spirit. Clear quartz is probably the most well known and loved. This crystal boosts energy, balances the chakras, and helps cleanse the body's energy.


Jade has been well loved for it’s healing properties in Asian cultures for many many years. It’s known to attract an abundance of emotional, spiritual, and physical healing. For the spirit it’s said to bring good fortune in relationships and overall purity in life. For the physical effects of wearing jade it’s proven to promote toxin removal in the body. It can also help with excess fluid retention in the body. This promotes good organ health. In terms of emotional support people look to jade to eliminate negative energy in their lives and bring about a greater sense of purity. 

The Evil Eye

One of the most well known ancient symbols, the evil eye is also one of the most commonly seen in modern jewellery too. It’s for good reason that this symbol is known and worn by so many people across so many cultures to this day. The symbol itself is a means of warding off the gaze of the evil eye. A gaze which is said to inflict harm, jealousy, pain, suffering, and bad luck. But it’s not all doom and gloom! So long as you wear your evil eye pendant means you’re always protected.

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