Finding Your Prince Charm-ing

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Charms are the perfect way to personalise your jewellery collection. From bracelets to charm necklaces, and even earrings, choosing your charm lets you pick personal, sentimental jewellery that might even bring you a little more luck, love, or protection. Beyond their symbolism charms look just as good. Whether you let one or two shine on their own or layer up and wear your whole collection, each charm has its own special place.

We’ve picked some of our favourite charmed pieces from our range and looked into the meaning behind the charm:

Lotus: balanced, in touch, enlightened and resilient 

The lotus is a symbol that is used and loved across many cultures. It’s especially popular in the east, you’ve probably seen it associated with meditation or yoga. This is because the way in which the lotus exists aligns perfectly with ideas of rebirth and enlightenment in these cultures. The lotus flower grows from the dirtiest, muddiest waters, eventually growing up and out of these dark waters, and into the light. Once it blooms the lotus flower is delicate and beautiful. Wear your lotus charm proud. Let it remind you that there is an opportunity for beauty in every circumstance and that when the waters get murky it’s only a matter of time till you find that sun.

Bees: Queen Bee, driven, hardworking, community

Bees are a symbol of community and productivity. These powerful little insects are always hard at work. They’re intricate creatures that work tirelessly to contribute to their hives and their eco systems. Each hive works like a well oiled machine. They represent the perfect understanding of the balance between giving and taking. Or maybe you want to channel that Queen bee energy. If you need to be reminded of your power wear that bee around your neck with pride. Your bee charm should also remind you that your efforts affect your community and vice versa, work hard for your hive.

Capri Collection: Beauty in the imperfections, love, femininity, abundance

Charm jewellery at its essence is about creating a collection. There’s no rule when it comes to charms, it's the more the merrier rather than a less is more sort of vibe. This Capri charm necklace brings together some of the most beautiful, timeless, sentimental charms out there. The Cowrie shell signifies femininity. It was used as an ancient currency so it is also said to bring good fortune. The Keshi pearl is a delicate special sort of pearl that will remind you beauty can be found in anything and anywhere, especially imperfections.

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