Trend Watch: Setting The Bar High

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Just like in the fashion world, trends come and go with jewelry too. There are always timeless classics that remain a staple in everyone’s collection but it’s the trends that let us have a little fun and branch out. One trend we’ve fallen in love with, and can even see going the distance, is the bar. Weather it’s on the ears, neck, wrist, or fingers, the minimal and simplistic design of this trend will pair seamlessly with any outfit and complement any collection.

The best trends are inclusive. The bar design works in silver, rose gold, and gold so nobody has to miss out. You can also put together a full look with sleek straight drop bars that pair well with a good updo, a dainty bar bracelet on the wrist, and a bar necklace to flatter the décolletage and complete the look. 

After you’ve picked your metal of choice, it's time to consider what direction you’ll be taking this trend in. When it comes to the bar you’ve got two options. Vertical or horizontal. We recommend vertical bars on the ears and neck, great if you’ve got your hair up, shoulders on display, or a low cut top/dress. The vertical bar will give the illusion of length in your chest and neck. Horizontal bars look best on the wrist or neck. They look great over a plain t shirt but can just as easily pair with something a little more dressy. You can even get creative and sentimental with customised wrist wear.  

While we’ve seen plenty of trends come and go with accessories some can be loud, bold,and bright, while others say much more with less. The bar trend is definitely of the latter. The sleek straight design is almost barely there, just adding a hint of shine. If this is much more your style then you’re all set. If you want to take it up a notch however, you can start pairing your bar jewellery with other elements. 

These ear threads combine a flat bar design with a rounded one and are tied together with a delicate chain. These hang perfectly and delicately off the ear.

This charm necklace features a vertical bar paired with a gorgeous hammered heart. If you love to accessorise and the single bar isn’t quite enough for you this is the one. The two charms go perfectly together and are available in gold and silver.


What’s more beautiful and classic than a plain metal chain or bar? Pearls. This bracelet pairs the perfect chunky but not too chunky chain with a plain bar and gorgeous pearl. With an adjustable length and available in gold or silver it’s perfect for everyone.

These earrings match the vertical bar with their perfect geometrical partner. The bar and hoop sit together perfectly creating beautiful shapes to dangle from your ears.

And of course a classic, the bar nameplate style is the perfect gift for a loved one or sentimental addition to your collection. Engrave it with a name, date, initials, or anything that is special to you.

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