What Your Jewellery Says About You

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Jewellery is more than just an accessory. It’s an extension of one’s self, their interests, their style, and what’s special to them all in a beautiful little keepsake you can wear proudly on your body. Whether you’re a classic silver name necklace kinda girl, or more likely to lean to a pair of chic gold disc earrings, here’s what your favourite jewels say about you. 


Is your jewellery collection bright and beaded? Are you a “more the merrier” kinda girl when it comes to layering up? If you rock a bold statement piece then you’re probably the life of the party. Big earrings, bold chunky chains, beads, charms, colour and contrast pair perfectly with a big personality. Wear your statement pieces proud as they were intended. 


Is most of your jewellery made up of charms, ornaments, or namesakes? Personalised jewellery with historic and spiritual significance is perfect for sensitive souls. From Italian horns, to saints and angels of protection, wearing these emblems of significance around your neck each day is a beautiful way to accessorise and stay grounded. Namesakes and Initials are a beautiful choice that says you deeply care and carry your loved ones with you each day. Browse our collection of custom jewellery. 


Sleek, understated, industrial, monochromatic, and minimal. Silver is the chic effortless model off duty girl vibe of the jewellery world. It perfectly compliments any outfit without stealing the show. It’s the everyday way to add a bit of effortless style. From chunky chains to slinky silver you’re probably just as versatile as the jewellery in your collection. 


The gold girl is traditional, sophisticated, and not afraid of turning heads. Gold jewellery is the perfect way to keep it classic with a little extra luxury. One of the most precious metals known to man, Gold speaks volumes about the girl wearing it. Regal and royal gold says look but don't touch. 

Rose Gold

Every rose has its thorn. The rose gold girl isn’t perfect, but she always looks it. Fun and flirty, rose gold is a twist on tradition. It says sophistication with a little bit of sexy. She’s playful, she's on trend, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. 

No matter who you are and what you wear, our collection embodies everything that is timeless, delicate and carefree. Find the perfect piece of custom jewellery and wear your heart on your sleeve, or ears, or neck, or fingers! Browse our full range here.

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