Something For The Scorpios: Surviving and Thriving This Season

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It’s scorpio season and that means one of two things. You’re either one yourself, or you’re here looking for the perfect gift for the fiery scorpio in your life. We love the Scorpio's in our lives and we think it’s time they were celebrated. Scorpio’s are top of the list when it comes to star signs that are totally misunderstood. We’ve put together a guide to surviving and thriving this intense season and the perfect jewels to match. From gold necklaces to custom jewellery, we’ve got our scorpio’s covered. Check out our Zodiac Tag Necklace.

Scorpio’s are known for their bravery, confidence, and pride. They’re never the ones to shy away from a challenge so it’s only fitting that they wear their sign loud and proud. This one comes in a range of metals and finishes. Choose from a sparkling Hi shine silver, a classic gold, or a hammered rose gold. There’s something for every unapologetic scorpio in your life.

Now a piece that honours that famous sting. Scorpios are extremely passionate about the things they love. This passion carries through everything they do so you certainly don’t want to get on their bad side. If you do something a scorpio deeply disagrees with they won't hesitate to let you know. With a tongue like a bolt of lighting and a tendency to be completely honest, when it comes to this sign, get out of the kitchen if you can't handle the heat. If you can, you’ll reap the rewards.

Scorpios love with an extreme depth and intensity too. They’re usually flirtatious and never scared to go out and grab want they want. Wear your heart on your sleeve, or ears, in true scorpio style with these heart charm hoops

Many scorpios get labelled as secretive and mysterious. While it may seem like they keep things locked up in chains when your emotions and ambitions run this deep sometimes it’s easier to keep them to yourself. Scorpios don't need anybody else’s approval. They're headstrong in their feelings and ideas and sure enough in themselves to not need to share. This necklace is the perfect way for a scorpio to feel safe and secure.

This scorpio season is set to be a big one. Being a water sign means we are bound to be in our feels, but if you embrace that scorpio fire you’re sure to be able to ride the wave. Scorpios may be a fixed sign and stuck in their ways, but they sure know how to bounce back when thrown off the tracks. Queens of the comeback, whatever this season throws at you turn it into an excuse to reinvent yourself. Most of all indulge in yourself. Nobody does it better than scorpio. Think self care not selfish. Harness all that intensity in the air and embrace your inner scorpio.

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